What are True Colours? The colours of the rainbow are different vibrations of a ray of white light, as when light goes through a transparent obstacle, be it glass or a simple drop of water, a rainbow appears. To show one’s true colours is to let the world know what shines from your heart. The white light inside may be the same for everybody, as the needs of human beings are universal. But the colour that comes out from each heart is different.

History of True Colours: To celebrate diversity, ALTIA developed for the Rainbow Foundation of Sweden, the Cava Brut TRUE COLOURS. This is a Cava wine with generous fruit notes of ripe lemon and notes of fresh pastry, with an aging on lees for at least 14 months. It has an elegant palate with fine bubbles and offers a bright, crisp and dry finish. Highland Imports is committed to bring the momentum of True Colours Cava from the European markets to the U.S. market and continue the promise of “Love is Sparkling…..and Social!” Highland Imports is a proud supporter of accelerating acceptance of the LGBTQ community.